Mountsorrel and Rothley Community Heritage Centre and Granite’s Coffee Shop

Site Map Jan 2023

We started restoring the 1¼ mile Mountsorrel Railway in 2007. By October 2015, thanks to help from over 100 volunteers and donations from local companies and the community, the line was restored, and we ran our first trains. Then, in April 2016, Granite’s Coffee Shop opened serving its first customers to locally sourced food and drink.

We have continuously improved and enhanced the site to increase its appeal to everyone and have striven to keep entrance free, hoping that income from Granite’s could fund the running and maintenance costs of the larger site but sadly this is currently not possible.

Entrance charge to access the site beyond Granite’s patio is £2 per adult and £1 per child (2 to 15 years). Some special event days have a higher entrance fee, see What’s on Page for details

So if you are looking for friendly venue to refresh and exercise both body and mind why not pay us a visit.


  • Granites Coffee Shop
    Granites Coffee Shop (2)
Granite’s coffee shop(2) is the perfect place to take time out during your visit to the Heritage Centre. On offer we have fresh home-made local sourced food, wonderful coffee, blended by a local merchant, and delicious ice creams. Our outdoor Patio(3) provides views over the quarry and railway.

In the summer you can also obtain takeaway drinks and snacks from Granite’s Shack(7) adjacent to the garden railway(6).

If you wish to eat your own food and snacks we have a picnic area(28) on the Nunckley Trail(10)

Explore Nature

  • Spinney Trail Bluebells
    Bluebells on the Spinney Trail (4)
If you are looking to relax and enjoy nature then try a stroll around the Spinney trail(4) which is awash with Bluebells in the spring, whilst a short trek uphill will take you to highest point in the quarry with views over the quarry and railway. Children might enjoy time-out in the Den Building Area(5).

Our Nuckley Trail(10), on the opposite side of the quarry, winds through the woods with a variety of historical artefacts (with display boards). Our picnic area(28) is at the furthest point on the trail and offers excellent views of passing trains and Old John tower in the distance.

If you are interested in more formal planting then take a stroll around our Botanic Garden(21), Nunckley Peace Garden(22), Queen’s Jubilee Garden(23), and soon to open King’s Coronation Garden(24). Many of the plants you see around the site are grown in our own Nunckley Nursery(9), where a variety of plants are available for you to purchase.

Family Fun

  • Play Area
    Play Area (3)
There are plenty of attractions to keep the family amused.

Adjacent to Granite’s Patio we have a small Play Area(3) for the little ones.

Try your hand Den building(5) on the Spinney Trail(4), or test drive our Garden Railway(6) featuring Thomas and his friends. Our Crazy golf(8) will definitely test your patience (Note: Our crazy golf course will be relocated and refurbished in the spring)

Our LMS wagon museum(17) contains numerous historical exhibits from the local area and includes a working Dublo train set. Just press the green button to set it in motion.

At times throughout the year the GCR will be running trains on the Mountsorrel Railway(15). Some weekends we run shunting demonstrations(16) with the chance to ride in the cab(27) (additional charges apply), a perfect photo opportunity.

Or you can try a short ride around the bottom of the quarry on our Narrow Gauge train (19) departing from Quarry Bottom Halt(20).


  • Railway Museum
    Railway Museum (14)
Down in the quarry bottom you will find our Railway Museum(14). Exhibits include the last steam loco produced by Brush at their Loughborough works, the exquisitely restored coach 946 built by the Manchester Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railway in 1888, a plank wagon and a restored brake van.

The GCR are responsible for running trains on the restored Mountsorrel Railway so check out our What’s On page or the GCR’s website for details of when you can next see trains. Throughout the warmer months we also run shunting demonstrations using our Diesel loco, or Colin our steam loco. For an additional fee you can also ride in the cab(27). Again check the What’s On page for dates.

You can also take a short train ride around the base of the quarry on our Narrow Gauge Railway(19) departing from the Quarry Bottom Halt(20) platform.

Local History

  • Heritage Room
    Downstairs Heritage Room - with learning hub (1)
The Heritage Centre building(1) itself gives a nod to local history, being part constructed from three historic buildings; Kinchley Barn, the Time Office and the Explosives Store from the original quarry. The two Heritage rooms(1) have dozens of display boards covering the bronze age to present day. All with a local connection. In the downstairs heritage room you will also find our touchscreen Learning Hub with over 1000 photos and videos of days gone by.

Look out for the restored Mountsorrel Beacon(11) as you make your way down into the quarry where our reconstructed Stonemasons’ huts(12) give you an insight into quarry working at the end of the 19th century. You will also see some more modern items of quarrying machinery.

Don’t forget to take a look inside our restored LMS wagon(17) which has been converted into a mini museum with artefacts from the local area. Press a button to find out more, or press the green button to set our Dublo model train set in motion.

Throughout 2024 we will be restoring Stephenson’s historic 1834 Lift Bridge(25) so pop back from time to time to check our progress.

Keep your eyes peeled for our display of Historic Road Vehicles(26)