Site Map

Site Layout

To save you a little time we have keyed the links below as follows:-

  • Completed!
  • In Progress: the content may well change
  • Not yet started: Basically a placeholder for pages to come!
  • A link to an external website (opens in a new tab).

An Introduction, background, history and our vision

  • About Us: The Landing Page for the site; a brief introduction.

Thinking of visiting, the information you need to know

What’s On – Events and exhibitions.

  • What’s On: A brief summary of forthcoming events and exhibitions we are hosting.
    • News of Events: The latest news and updates about our events.
    • School Visits: How can we help with group, school and educational visits
    • Venue Hire: Information you need if you wish to hire of our facilities.

News articles and information appearing in the media

  • News: Latest news posted on the site

How to help turn our dream into reality

  • Help Us: Summary of ways you can help including how to donate.
    • Volunteer: How to get in touch should you wish to volunteer to help
    • Wildlife Warriors: Our ecology group for children aged 3 to 11.
      • Warrior News: Latest news and events for the “Warriors” as it becomes available.
    • Materials we need: From time to time we may ask if anyone can provide us with materials for our project.
    • Our Supporters: Recognition of all those wonderful people and companies that have helped us get to where we are to-day.

Our Phase 2 Appeal

  • Donate: How to help with our Phase 2 appeal.

Those boring admin details