MS & LR No.946

GCR 946

Coach number 946 was built by the Manchester Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railway in 1888.

The MS&LR later became the Great Central Railway when the company built its new railway line to London. At the end of its long life as a passenger carrying vehicle, it was converted to a holiday carriage, by the LNER and located in sidings at locations which were popular holiday resorts. Unfortunately there is no trace of where 946 was sited. Of course all this scheme ended in September 1939 at the outbreak of WW2 and it was transferred to departmental use. The coach was stripped out and one end removed so it could be used for storing locomotive components. It eventually ended up on a farm and was used as a shooting lodge. By the time it was saved by the volunteers of the GCR Rolling Stock Trust, it was in a very poor state indeed. So much so that it took 16 years to return it to its original condition, both inside and out. The team have done a truly amazing job and we are honoured that they have decided to allow the vehicle to go on display to the public at the heritage centre. The coach now has pride of place in our museum for visitors to see.

You can read more about the history of 946 on the GCR rolling stock trust website. A short history is also available.

Dedication at Ruddington

Arrival at Mountsorrel