Prince of Wales Video and Photos

Prince of Wales visit

Sorry it took so long to work though all the photos and video. Rather than post dozens (hundreds?) of photos we have put together a video of the day. We hope you like it.

You can find more of our photos of the day, taken by our volunteer photographer, here. Feel free to browse and download any images you may like.

If you enable subtitles on the following video then you will see a running commentary.

You can also catch up with local press coverage in the Leicester Mercury and Loughborough Echo.

Obviously our photographer couldn’t be everywhere on site. The following links to other photographers may help you find the image you are looking for. Please note that we are not affiliated with any of the following, and make no money from their sales :-

We must thank (in no particular order):-

  • Our volunteers, for working tirelessly over the past few months to ready the Heritage Centre for our VIP.
  • Anders our bag piper who came over to play the Prince in as he arrived and out as he left
  • Andy Munro, CEO of the GCR and the other GCR staff and volunteers, who worked to have the “Jinty” ready for her important role.
  • To the train crew Scott, Andrew, Michael, Simon and to Craig the driver for giving HRH the chance to drive (under supervision) the loco out of Mountsorrel Station.
  • The school children who behaved impeccably and gave the Prince such a warm welcome, and the parents and teachers for allowing us to use the pictures and video of the children.
  • Clive Hanley for kindly allowing us to use some his excellent photos taken around Mountsorrel Station.
  • The police and security services for their pleasant and unobtrusive presence, and the protection officers for their light and polite handling of the crowds.

And of course His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales, for making time in his schedule to visit the centre, and for lighting up those faces (children and volunteers alike).