Recent News

The Mountsorrel Mystery - Author Stephen Done will be officially launching his new murder mystery novel, "The Mountsorrel Mystery", at the Heritage Centre on Saturday 25th March. He will be signing copies of this book on the patio area, adjacent to Granite's, from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. Continue reading The Mountsorrel Mystery
Woodpecker Tree “Doris” storms the Nunckley Trail - Storm Doris certainly took her toll on the trail. The Woodpecker tree at the start of the trail was hit badly and two trees came down near the picnic area. We took the opportunity to cut the fallen section of the Woodpecker tree just above the entrance hole to the nest allowing visitors to get an idea of how much the woodpeckers excavate within the tree. Continue reading “Doris” storms the Nunckley Trail
Heritage centre banner image Swithland Signalling Upgrade - In order to run trains between the Mountsorrel Branch and the main GCR line we need to upgrade the signalling at Swithland. The cost of the hardware is around £75,000, whilst installation will be carried out by volunteers. We have a Crowdfunding appeal to raise at least £10,000 of this total. Continue reading Swithland Signalling Upgrade
DMU at Nunckley Hill Train Running Weekend: 25th and 26th March - We are pleased to announce that the GCR will again be running their DMU on Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th March. Tickets are only available on-line or cash-only on the day. Continue reading Train Running Weekend: 25th and 26th March
Railway Volunteers meet HRH Volunteering Opportunities: March 2017 - Over the next few months we will be progressively opening further areas of the site. To help us run the attractions we need volunteers, such as guides to open and close the buildings and to answer questions, people to give demonstrations, and also volunteers to help with shunting demonstrations. Continue reading Volunteering Opportunities: March 2017
Prince of Wales visit Prince of Wales Video and Photos - Sorry it took so long to work though all the photos and video. Rather than post dozens (hundreds?) of photos we have put together a video of the day. We hope you like it. Continue reading Prince of Wales Video and Photos
Railway volunteers meet HRH Heritage Centre Time-lapse - Each weekend, since March 2015, we have taken a photo at Nunckley quarry covering the site of the heritage centre, railway museum and platform. The video (time-lapse) sequence shows how the work has progressed from empty quarry to its present state. Continue reading Heritage Centre Time-lapse