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Railway Volunteers meet HRH Volunteering Opportunities: March 2017 - Over the next few months we will be progressively opening further areas of the site. To help us run the attractions we need volunteers, such as guides to open and close the buildings and to answer questions, people to give demonstrations, and also volunteers to help with shunting demonstrations. Continue reading Volunteering Opportunities: March 2017
Prince of Wales visit Prince of Wales Video and Photos - Sorry it took so long to work though all the photos and video. Rather than post dozens (hundreds?) of photos we have put together a video of the day. We hope you like it. Continue reading Prince of Wales Video and Photos
Railway volunteers meet HRH Heritage Centre Time-lapse - Each weekend, since March 2015, we have taken a photo at Nunckley quarry covering the site of the heritage centre, railway museum and platform. The video (time-lapse) sequence shows how the work has progressed from empty quarry to its present state. Continue reading Heritage Centre Time-lapse
Quarry Dec 2016 Prince of Wales visit - We are delighted that the Prince of Wales will be visiting the Mountsorrel And Rothley Community Heritage Centre on January 25th. The centre will be closed to the public on this day, but children from local primary schools will be with us to welcome the Prince. Continue reading Prince of Wales visit
Our Plans for 2017 - If you’ve visited recently you’ll have seen the massive changes taking place thanks to all the hard work by our teams of volunteers. Railway Museum We hope to open the railway museum and the other quarry exhibits early in March. You may already have noticed some of the exhibits arriving.… Continue reading Our Plans for 2017
Quarry animated Santa banner Review of the Year 2016 - Thank you to Malcolm for his excellent review of the year. We hope you enjoy watching and will visit next year to see our progress for yourself.
Ruston and Hornsby 48DE diesel Railway relics find a new home - Two historic railway items now have a new home. A former Bardon Hill quarry diesel locomotive and a yellow mineral wagon, both of which are part of the Leicestershire County Council collection and were formerly based at Snibston Discovery Museum will be used for demonstrations in and around Nunckley Hill quarry. Continue reading Railway relics find a new home