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Events: October 2018 In this newsletter:-
  • Crazy Golf
  • October Trains
  • Spooky Wood Weekend
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Newsletter: September 2018 In this month's newsletter:-
  • Crazy Golf
  • Steam Toys in Action
  • Trains: 20th and 21st October
  • Nunckley Nature News
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Events: Autumn 2018 Contents:-
  • Site Tours
  • Shunting Demonstrations
  • Garden Railway
  • Train Running weekends
  • Steam Toy exhibition
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Newsletter: June 2018 In this month's newsletter:-
  • Train Weekend 21st & 22nd July
  • Brake Van
  • Nunckley’s Nature News
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Discovery Centre: July 2018 Discovery Project: Lottery Funding Application Sadly our application for £800,000 funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) for our Discovery Project has been unsuccessful. Recent changes at HLF have seen a significant reduction in the maximum amount they award to projects, and there has been a shift in emphasis towards… Continue reading Discovery Centre: July 2018
Newsletter: May 2018 In this month’s newsletter:-
  • TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence
  • Volunteering
  • Leicestershire Festival of Archaeology
  • Railway Museum
  • Crazy Golf
  • Trains
  • Discovery Project
  • GDPR
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Newsletter: April 2018 In this month’s newsletter:-
  • GCR Goods Galore
  • MS & LR No.946
  • Crazy Golf
  • Fourth Railway Siding
  • Nunckley's Nature News
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Newsletter: March 2018 In this month’s newsletter:-
  • Train Weekend
  • Trail News
  • New Volunteers
  • Granite's Shack
  • Midland Brake Van
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Events: March 2018 The Great Central Railway have confirmed that they will be running steam trains along the Mountsorrel Railway over the weekend of March 24th & 25th. This is the first time steam passenger trains have run since the opening of the line back in 2015, and it is the only confirmed steam weekend for this year, so don’t miss it! Continue reading Events: March 2018
Newsletter: January 2018 In this month's newsletter:-
  • Discovery Centre - latest plans available for comment
  • Crazy Golf
  • Swithland Signalling upgrade
  • News from the ECO team
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Newsletter: Christmas 2017 In this newsletter:-
  • New from the ECO Team
  • Goodbye the soil bank
  • Hello Discovery Centre
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Newsletter: October 2017 In this newsletter:-
  • Train Weekend
  • Spooky Wood
  • WI Centenary Challenge
  • Group Site Tours
  • Our Plans
  • Data Protection
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