How to Volunteer

Railway Volunteers meet HRH

You are a few steps away from joining us on our exciting project to recreate something of the look and feel of our local granite mining industry.
Click here for detailed version of these instructions.

  1. Take a look around our volunteering vacancies section and see if something particular takes your interest.
  2. Now express your interest by completing the form at the bottom of this page.
  3. We will use the information provided to create you a volunteer account on the website. This is a manual process so may take a few days.
  4. When this is complete the website will send you a confirmation e-mail with two links. You need to create a password for your account so click on the first of the links.
  5. Change the password on the password reset form to something you will remember.
  6. Now you have created your account you are ready to volunteer!
  7. The sign-up sheets are private to registered volunteers only and are hidden until you log-in to the website. When you are logged in a sign-up sheets link appears in the menu bar.
  8. To log-in you will need to enter your username (or e-mail address) and the password you entered in 5. above. Please note that you will only be given FIVE attempts to enter the correct user name and password combination, after which you will be locked out from signing in. It may be best to use the lost password form before you reach your five attempts limit.
  9. Have a look at the current volunteering sign-up page. This page lists all the opportunities that you can sign up for.
  10. Click on the opportunity that interest you.
  11. Find a day and time that is convenient and simply click on sign up.
  12. Check your details. It is useful if we have your telephone number so that we can get in touch at short notice should your services not be required. Then click on sign me up!
  13. Please remember to log out when you have finished (top right hand corner of every page).

You can go back to the sign up sheets at any time to add further sessions, or to remove yourself from a session. Please remember to give as much notice as possible if you are cancelling a session to give time for a replacement to be found.
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Thank You.

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