Free wi-fi is available throughout the Heritage Centre building including Granite’s Coffee Shop, the Heritage rooms and the quiet room.

If you wish to view any of the pages on this website, or listen to the audio guides linked to via the bar-codes on the display boards in the Heritage rooms, then simply connect your phone, tablet or laptop to Granites Guest wi-fi.

Voucher Login Screen

The voucher login screen

If you wish to view any other websites, or would like to check your mail, then ask for a wi-fi voucher when you make a purchase at Granite’s Coffee Shop.

Each voucher has a seven character code and an expiry date. You do not need to use the voucher immediately, however the voucher cannot be used after its expiry date. When you open your browser, and attempt to navigate to any page other than one on our Heritage Centre website, then you will be redirected to the voucher login page, shown to the left. Simply enter the seven character code, click on the Login button, and you will be given one hours access to the internet. Each voucher can be used for up to three devices; the one hour commences when the first device is registered.

We suggest you read the terms and conditions and our privacy policy, and please be aware that the radio connection between you and the router is NOT encrypted, although the technology used should prevent clients on the network detecting, and connecting to, other clients on the network. Granites Guest wi-fi is only enabled during coffee shop opening times.

Details of all devices connecting to Granite’s Guest wi-fi are recorded.

You may NOT use our wi-fi to stream live TV.