GCR’s through trains 22/23 July

DMU at Nunckley

Through trains running 22-23 july 2017

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What makes this weekend so special? It is the first time ever that visitors will be able to catch a train at one of the GCR stations and ride through to the heritage centre and Mountsorrel stations, or vice versa.

Although it was the aim of its builders in 1860 for the Mountsorrel Railway to carry passengers, those dreams were never realised. It has taken over 150 years for the 5th Earl of Lanesborough’s vision to finally be realised. Visitors over the weekend of July 22nd & 23rd won’t be following in the footsteps of those from a bygone age, they’ll be taking those first journeys and making history themselves!

The restored Mountsorrel Railway is the result of 10 years of hard work by community volunteers who have spent their time up to their knees in sludge, laid track in driving snow, dug out cuttings in blistering heat, to return the line to operational status. We were reviewing the past and present volunteer list over the weekend and in total 347 volunteers helped to rebuild the line at various times over the past 10 years.

We all very much hope you enjoy making history over the weekend of July 22nd & 23rd! Remember that this is a one-off special weekend and most likely will not be repeated for quite some time. Don’t miss it! The GCR website has full ticketing information. The train times on the poster are for the trains running to the branch line only. There is a separate timetable for GCR trains running on the main line as well as demonstration Travelling Post Office runs. We very much recommend buying your tickets in advance to avoid disappointment.

You can also watch shunting demonstration which will take place at 11:00, 12:00, 14:00 and 15:00, and don’t forget that the Garden Railway will also be in operation.

A full timetable for the weekend is available on the GCR Website.

Quorn dep 9:43 11:14 13:00   15:15
Nunckley Hill arr 10:09 11:40 13:26 14:06 15:50
dep 10:12 11:50 13:35 14:10 16:00
Mountsorrel arr 10:18 11:56 13:41 14:16 16:06
dep 10:20 12:00 13:45 14:20 16:10
Rothley arr 10:47 12:29 R@S* 14:45 16:44
dep 10:52 12:41   14:53 16:46
Quorn arr 11:01 12:50   15:02 16:55
Loughborough arr         17:04
R@S* : Return at Swithland. The Train only goes as far as Swithland then back up the branch to Nunckley.