Progress: 10th April

Disabled access to trail

Under 2 weeks to go to the opening of the Heritage Centre! We have updated the list of tasks in Our plans for March and April.

Well spring is definitely approaching. Visitors taking in the Nunckley Trail in a few weeks time will be in for a treat. Managed to get a glimpse of the Woodpecker this morning, the Primroses are out and the Bluebells and blossom are well on their way.

What about progress? Sorry got carried out.

You can just make out the weather vane on the picture above, almost obscured by the telegraph pole (sorry). I was trying to show progress on the disabled path to the trail entrance. The fencing has been completed from the Heritage centre down to the platform, and the huge pile of bark chipping has shrunk considerably. Only 20m of the trail now needs to be barked. The Stonemasons’ huts have also grown and the overflow car park is just about level ready for its “tiles”.

Within the Heritage Centre the patisserie cabinets and counter have been installed and furniture is arriving.

Details of our first event, an Art Exhibition by six local visual artists are now available. The exhibition will run in the community room from the 25th April to 8th May. This will be followed by Craft workshops starting in May (Monday for adults and Thursdays for children), and Art workshops starting in June.

Dominic at David North of Rothley have agreed to supply high end patisserie and pastries for sale in Granite’s. If you have a moment to spare take a look at their website.

You can click on any of the images for a larger view.