Swithland Signalling Upgrade – BREAKING NEWS

DMU at Nunckley

Before the Great Central Railway can run services on and off the Mountsorrel branch the signalling, at the branch junction, requires upgrading. Our campaign to raise the estimated £75,000 started in March 2017. Thanks to the our many supporters the target of £75,000 has now been achieved and the project can now go forward.

Thanks you to everyone who made a donation.

The Great Central Railway’s Signals & Telegraph Department has been actively scouring various sources for all the bits and pieces that will be necessary to carry out the upgrade.

The scheme to integrate the branch more fully within GCR operations will now involve:

  • Removing the trap point (which is not needed).
  • Connecting the current sand drag point to Swithland box.
  • Replacing the branch signal with a passenger standard signal.
  • The installation of a junction bracket signal where the line comes off the loop.
  • Installing three point motors to operate points and facing point locks.
  • Various reconfigurations in Swithland Sidings signal box, where there are currently enough levers still available.

The Great Central Railway’s Signal and Telegraph (S&T) Department have already been busy sorting materials for the project. A suitable signal post is in the process of being stripped of fittings, and will then be cleaned down to metal, primed, under-coated and top-coated. The ladder fittings are being repaired or renewed along with some of the mechanical fittings. A single disc western region ground signal is under repair, for the replacement of the present double disc.

The required point machines are now available, and a purchase order will be sent to allow them to be serviced. A list of outstanding materials is being drawn up, and orders will be placed to acquire those materials.

A plan will be presented to the GCR’s Operating Department for approval before the final signalling scheme is drawn up. The required work is being fitted into the S&T’s busy schedule and is anticipated to commence later this year.

Electric locks will be sorted and then serviced in-house by the GCR’s S&T Department.

Thanks again for the greatly valued support, which has helped to bring forward the day when there are regular trains from Mountsorrel and Nunckley Hill to Rothley and beyond!