Our 4th Anniversary

It’s 4 years ago today since the Heritage Centre opened! Back then we opened with only the Heritage Centre, Granite’s, the Nunckley Trail and the Mountsorrel Railway. Since then we’ve added a second nature trail, a den building area, garden railway, Granite’s Shack, crazy golf, Quarry Heritage Building, Mountsorrel Railway… Continue reading Our 4th Anniversary

Railway Museum Extension: Latest News

Museum Banner

Thanks to your generous donations construction of our railway museum extension is just about complete!

We are now just £230 short of our target which we intend to use to produce interpretation boards and audio presentations for all the exhibits. Continue reading Railway Museum Extension: Latest News

Railway Museum Extension

Museum Banner

We are thrilled to have obtained planning permission for our Railway Museum extension. Now, with your help, we need to raise £18,000 to fund the building. Continue reading Railway Museum Extension

Swithland Signalling Upgrade – BREAKING NEWS

DMU at Nunckley

Before the Great Central Railway can run services on and off the Mountsorrel branch the signalling, at the branch junction, requires upgrading. Our campaign to raise the estimated £75,000 started in March 2017. Thanks to the our many supporters the target of £75,000 has now been achieved and the project… Continue reading Swithland Signalling Upgrade – BREAKING NEWS

New Attractions

Den Building

You now have even more to visit! We are pleased to say that the Mountsorrel Railway Museum, Quarry Heritage Building, Spinney Trail, the Den Building Area and the high level seating area and refreshment kiosk, are all now open. At the moment the kiosk sells tea, coffee, Parisella’s scooped ice… Continue reading New Attractions

Heritage Centre Time-lapse

Railway volunteers meet HRH

Each weekend, since March 2015, we have taken a photo at Nunckley quarry covering the site of the heritage centre, railway museum and platform. The video (time-lapse) sequence shows how the work has progressed from empty quarry to its present state.
Continue reading Heritage Centre Time-lapse

Our Plans for 2017

If you’ve visited recently you’ll have seen the massive changes taking place thanks to all the hard work by our teams of volunteers. Railway Museum We hope to open the railway museum and the other quarry exhibits early in March. You may already have noticed some of the exhibits arriving.… Continue reading Our Plans for 2017

Granite Wagons arrive at Nunckley Hill

Mountsorrel Granite Wagons

The three Mountsorrel Granite Company liveried wagons arrived at the heritage centre’s new railway museum to-day. The wagons were restored back in 2010, almost entirely by young people including a group of teenage girls on Tuesday evenings. Continue reading Granite Wagons arrive at Nunckley Hill