Progress: 3rd April

Progress in quarry 3-apr-16

Under 3 weeks to go to the opening of the Heritage Centre! We have updated the list of tasks in Our plans for March and April.

The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men goes the saying.

With so many tasks on the go, a few are likely to slip. We had hoped to start work on the overflow parking, however we have not been able to get the ground-works complete, so last weekend work moved to the Stonemasons’ huts.

The rails to the path to the quarry are now complete on both sides, and access to the quarry is now controlled by a gate. Hedge bushes (donated by Coles Nursery) have been planted around the seating area. We also had a large delivery of chipped bark this week which will need ferrying up to the Nunckley Trail. Within the Heritage Centre the counter is being installed and the weather vane has been readied for erection.

Thank you to everyone that donated to our JustGiving appeal. Your donations have helped to support the Heritage Room displays. The 19 display boards (itemised on the Heritage Room page) have now gone for manufacture.

Details of our first event, an Art Exhibition by six local visual artists are now available. The exhibition will run in the community room from the 25th April to 8th May. This will be followed by Craft workshops starting in May, and Art workshops starting in June.

Dominic at David North of Rothley have agreed to supply high end patisserie and pastries for sale in Granite’s. If you have a moment to spare take a look at their website.