Progress: 27th March

Under 4 weeks to go to the opening of the Heritage Centre! We have updated the list of tasks in Our plans for March and April.

Did you make any New Year Resolutions? Did you sign up for Gym membership or Zumba?

Well had you considered helping out at the Heritage Centre and Nature Trail? Membership is free and you can exercise to hearts content!

Here’s a question for you. No prizes though.

How far have volunteers walked whilst resurfacing the path on the Nunckley Trail? Is the answer:-

  1. A similar distance to walking from Mountsorrel to Loughborough (about 5 miles)
  2. Mountsorrel to Birmingham (about 40 miles)
  3. Mountsorrel to London (about 100 miles)
  4. Mountsorrel to Torquay (about 200 miles)

Answer at the end!

With the car park and path complete we now need to ensure that the site is safe for our visitors.

A gate has been erected, allowing access to the car park but preventing vehicles entering the quarry. The hand rail has also been fitted to the access path down to the quarry. There is still much fencing to be added elsewhere however.

Granite’s is also taking shape. You will already have seen the photos of the play equipment; the play area is now safely fenced in. We have also added eleven benches to the coffee shop outside seating area, in readiness for summer.

The display boards are taking shape (itemised on the Heritage Room page. 19 boards are in preparation with another 9 or 10 scheduled for later. These will be sent for manufacture shortly. The audio guides are also being prepared.

The answer?

4! The distance travelled in barrowing chipped bark to cover the 800m of trail is around 320km (200 miles). Although this distance might have been shared between the volunteers the poor wheelbarrow covered most of it!