Progress: 13th March

Heritage Centre car park (half complete)

Under 6 weeks to go to the opening of the Heritage Centre and the schedule appears to be holding! We have updated the list of tasks in Our plans for March and April, so feel free to take a look to see if there are any areas you could help with.

Another delivery of bark has allowed us to make further progress on the Nunckley Trail, over two thirds of the trail has now been repaired.

The interlocking tiles, which make up the car park, now cover around half the total parking area. Once the tiles are laid they are back-filled with gravel. Next week should see the main car parking area completed. The shuttering of the disabled access path down to the quarry has also been completed in readiness for a concrete delivery in the next week. The children’s play equipment has also taken shape on the play area adjacent to the Heritage Centre.

Talented as our volunteers are there are certain tasks which they cannot perform. The display boards and cabinets within the Heritage Centre being one such critical element. Although we have volunteers creating the artworks for the boards they need to be manufactured by an external company, and of course this costs money, hence our Crowdfunding Appeal.

In the past we have added Braille to the display boards, as on the Nunckley Trail, however only a few percent of the visually impaired can read Braille. So, to address this, we are also intending to add audio guides to each display. These will be accessed through a bar-code and will allow smart-phone and tablet users to listen to a commentary. We are also hoping to add short video guides for children aged 4 to 10.

So, if you would like to support our project, please consider making a donation below. The donation page also contains links to demo’s of the audio/video guides.