Progress: 17th April

Heritage Centre building

Well this will be the last progress update, and the last time the list of tasks in Our plans for March and April will need updating!

Lets start with progress within the building.

Ray has finished the Granite’s serving counter which looks amazing, and he has also made three fantastic coffee tables out of oak. The Heritage Room is taking shape. Most of the display boards are now adorning the walls, and various artefacts will arrive for the display cabinets later this week. The art exhibition will also be set up later this week in the Community Room.

Did we mention that Dominic at David North of Rothley will be supplying the pastries? Or that our coffee has been blended for us by a local merchant? The ice cream? Well that is coming all the way from a little family business that have been making their own amazing ice cream in Conwy, North Wales since 1949.

Down in the quarry volunteers from Network Rail brought with them a road rail vehicle and spent two days working on the assembly of the last point and the third siding. The level crossing has been finished, the trail is completely chipped and the bank between the heritage centre and platform has been broken down and prepared for grass and wild flower seeding. The overflow car parking is very nearly complete, just a little more fencing and stone required.

With a bit of luck we should be able to get photos of the inside of the building shortly, so pop back on Monday for views of the interior.