“Doris” storms the Nunckley Trail

Woodpecker Tree

Woodpecker Nest

Section through a Woodpecker nest

Storm Doris certainly took her toll on the trail. The Woodpecker tree at the start of the trail was hit badly and two trees came down near the picnic area. We took the opportunity to cut the fallen section of the Woodpecker tree just above the entrance hole to the nest allowing visitors to get an idea of how much the woodpeckers excavate within the tree. Having seen how large the nests are it’s not surprising that “their” tree broke just above an entrance hole. Look out for the cut sections at the top of the entrance path.

The railway got away pretty well with just one tree down on the Wainwright Curve.

Thanks goes to the volunteers who came to our rescue to clear problem areas on Thursday and Friday and in particular John Hardy for cutting everything up with his chainsaw.